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    Lounge Nuremberg singalong

    "Nazi Leaders executed at Nuremberg"

    thought we would have a Coronation Street pub singalong to this youtube musical montage of the Nuremberg trials.

    Here is the songsheet to ditty #2 in the piece - 'Lili Marlene"

    (Sorry its not the Marlene Dietrich version..)

    All together now...

    Underneath the lantern,
    By the barrack gate
    Darling I remember
    The way you used to wait
    T'was there that you whispered tenderly,
    That you loved me,
    You'd always be,
    My Lilli of the Lamplight,
    My own Lilli Marlene

    Time would come for roll call,
    Time for us to part,
    Darling I'd caress you
    And press you to my heart,
    And there 'neath that far-off lantern light,
    I'd hold you tight ,
    We'd kiss good night,
    My Lilli of the Lamplight,
    My own Lilli Marlene

    Orders came for sailing,
    Somewhere over there
    All confined to barracks
    was more than I could bear
    I knew you were waiting in the street
    I heard your feet,
    But could not meet,
    My Lilly of the Lamplight,
    my own Lilly Marlene

    Resting in our billets,
    Just behind the lines
    Even tho' we're parted,
    Your lips are close to mine
    You wait where that lantern softly gleams,
    Your sweet face seems
    To haunt my dreams
    My Lilly of the Lamplight,
    My own Lilly Marlene

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    ^ I need to spread some love to Rigger before I can green you again...

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