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    What would he have got in Thailand?

    Sex trafficking wrestler gets life in prison

    Wednesday Apr 2 06:00 AEDT

    By ninemsn staff

    A former professional wrestler who led a sex trafficking ring has been sentenced to life in prison.
    "Hardbody" Harrison Norris, 42, was convicted last November for charges including commercial sex trafficking, witness tampering and aggravated sexual abuse.
    Norris, who worked for the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling in the '90s, claimed the women were willing participants in a professional wrestling training camp he ran and left in the best shape of their lives.
    Witnesses testified that Norris, a former US Army sergeant and veteran of the Gulf War, imposed a strict military structure, with each woman assigned to a squad overseen by an "enforcer".
    One witness said Norris regularly beat or threatened the women to maintain control and once threatened to throw one through a hotel window when she would not have sex with two customers.
    The victims also said they were forced to engage in sexual conduct with Norris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoGeAr
    What would he have got in Thailand?
    Cheaper flights?

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    Them be Aussie dollars.

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