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    Alternative Fuel Disaster!!!

    Eversince Corn became something that could replace Oil, the price of it has skyrocketed Worldwide. Thus the price of animal feed and all those pruducts
    we used to be able to buy cheaply have gone through the roof!!!

    The effect on those with limited incomes available for food is going to be catastrophic!

    Stop the World I wanna get off!!!!

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    That COULD explain the huge leap in the price of butter and cheese, if not I don't know what, are the cow's demanding more for their raw product?
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    There's plenty of energy, and energy saving methods. It is just gonig to take a hefty kick to overcome the R&D rigidity .

    I remember a firm in the UK in the 80 that invented a compressed air system that recycled branking power from busses. Town busses resulted in nearly 40% drop in fuel consumption (less for country routes). The system could be retrofitted, and used off the shelf parts. Doomed to the Dustbin.

    That would not save the world, but it's an example of uncomplicated technology that the market refused to implement.

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