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    Today is NOT St. Patricks day.

    The occasion is celebrated all over the world

    You may be celebrating St Patrick's Day today as normal, but, at least according to Catholics and Anglicans, you're making a slight mistake. Why is that?

    St Patrick's Day is on 17 March every year. It's an opportunity for Christians around the world to recognise the life of the patron saint of Ireland.
    But the feast day is also characterised by parades and boisterous revelry. Traditionally a major event in Ireland, the festival has spread around the world with the movement of Irish immigrants and is now even celebrated in locations like Moscow and Tokyo, which have no significant Irish populations.
    This year the extremely early arrival of Easter has forced changes to St Patrick's Day.
    Easter week is early this year and takes precedence over St Patrick's Day in the religious calendar

    The Catholic Church in England and Wales says St Patrick's Day is simply not on the calendar of feast days this year. This week is known as Holy Week in the church and takes precedence over all saint's days. Any saint's feast day that clashes with it is omitted from the calendar.

    BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Why is it 'not' St Patrick's Day today?
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    damn, well today aint St Patricks day either !

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    La Feile Phadraig mo rejected chara go leir!!

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    I should have had a Guinness yesterday.

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