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    Scary little fire at our house in Khorat

    about a week ago at our place in Wang Nam Khiao, Khorat. Fire started on neighboring property, best guess is the guy renting to farm it decided to try to burn the overgrown tall grass off and predictably lost control of it. Looks like burned probably about 20-30 rai total. Didnt damage anybody's crops or buildings.. but got darn close to ours. Didn't burn any of the trees beyong a little singe.. just burned off the dry grass and other neighbor's abandoned sugar cane field. Local fire dept was out there QUICKLY and surprisingly did a really great job. Town mayor offering 5,000 baht reward for catching whomever started it.

    Scary little fire at our house in Khorat-khorat-fire-1-jpg

    Scary little fire at our house in Khorat-khorat-fire-4-jpg

    Scary little fire at our house in Khorat-khorat-fire-2-jpg

    Scary little fire at our house in Khorat-khorate-fire-3-jpg

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    That is scary to see fire approaching your house and not a lot you can do to stop it. Hopefully the police will nab the arson.

    When will these boneheads ever learn?

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    Glad to hear it was a luck escape, fire really is very scary.

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