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    Quote Originally Posted by misskit View Post
    Crackers were white people who owned no land and didn’t like to work.
    I'd fit right in.

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    As per the OP "finding things are tough" yes I agree if you are married to a similar wife that I have.

    She has no idea about organisation in fact I have seen her not know where she has put something an hour before.

    I have daily troubles with where she puts the salt, and for example, as the position changes daily and thats only the start of the problems.

    Her biggest fault and she will never change which drivesd me fooking crazy.

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    FOMOsexuality fear that others are having more fun than you, fortunately sloth, impotence and restricted libido means I seldom worry about this more than three times a day.

    In those good old days of terrible teeth , dentistry, loose, suspender, plumbing, telecoms, child birth, childhood, work , promise cutey were all hazardous but many survived.

    We had to survive without ring pull cans , oh the humanity.
    “Experience is merely the name men gave to their mistakes.” Oscar Fingal O'Fflahertie Wills

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarilynMonroe View Post
    I had to teach my mom how to use a computer and smart phone .

    She did have it tough then. Respect if she managed to learn how to use both despite the teacher.

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