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    Quote Originally Posted by Looper View Post
    ^ that is a new one on me BC
    Never had crumpets with peanut butter?

    Syrup in whisky, trifles for twenty, but not crumpets with peanut butter?


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    Quote Originally Posted by BLD View Post
    Since Mrs prancer fooked of he's gone quite daft

    He was always daft, Mrs prancer helped him hide it a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrille View Post
    Never had crumpets with peanut butter?
    I am not biting.

    I am not going to stoop to the googles but I am certain in my heart of hearts that crumpets and peanut butter are not a thing.

    And I duly assert that Cyrille has been caught bang to rights piling on a tag-team double-muffin crumpet-wind-up

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