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    Interview with Tommie Smith

    Good article in today's Guardian on Tommie Smith (Mexico Olympics 1968)
    Well worth a read.
    I was pretty young at the time of the Mexico Olympics but it had an impact on me.
    I believe both he and John Carlos were pall bearers at Australian Peter Norman's funeral (3rd place finisher in the 200m)

    People shunned me like hot lava’: the runner who raised his fist and risked his life
    At the 1968 Olympics, Tommie Smith, winner of the men’s 200 metres, stood on the podium and lifted his hand to protest racism. That moment would end his running career – and shake the world
    Tommie Smith still gets chills when he hears the opening bars of The Star Spangled Banner. It takes him right back to that night in October 1968 when he stood on the Olympic podium in Mexico City, wearing his gold medal, and made the raised-fist salute that has defined his life. “It’s kind of a push, when I hear ‘dum, da-dum’,” he says, singing the opening notes of the United States national anthem. “Because that’s the first three notes I heard in Mexico, then my head went down, and I saw no more of it until the last note.” ............

    ‘People shunned me like hot lava’: the runner who raised his fist and risked his life | Race | The Guardian

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    People forget Peter Norman.

    They shouldn't.

    The third man: The forgotten Black Power hero - CNN

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    Read a good interview this morning with Michael Johnson about the impact Tommie Smith and John Carlos had on him.

    Michael Johnson: ‘You’re going to see athletes protesting the centres of power’ | Athletics | The Guardian

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    Fair play

    For sheer strength and pleasure the real Tommy Smith not these runners

    Thomas Smith
    MBE (5 April 1945 – 12 April 2019) was an English footballer, who played as a defender at Liverpool for 16 years from 1962 to 1978. Known for his uncompromising defensive style, manager Bill Shankly once said of him:

    "Tommy Smith wasn't born, he was quarried".

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