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    Like many here , despite liberal quantities of ale and chilli my gas emissions seem noctrnal.

    For a while I worried was I full of shit, having tried enemas, panamas and even frottage.

    Luckily the new Smoothie from Hatter plantations sorted me out , despite a slight whiff of kiwi blended with sauerkraut and ordure de Cologne it did the trick.

    I am thrice blessed here in te Mission of teh Immaculate ejaculate as I allow the nongs to mud wrestle over who should use the Turkey baster, for those solo travllers, perhaps make a Ansuol sanuk party of it invite a small circle around and share the love.


    Drives it clean round the bend, Frogs need not apply.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyrille View Post
    the recognition of mediocrity?

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    I try not to fart in bed, in case of follow through or pull through..

    The maid was not impressed last time I shit the bed. She had to change my sheet exchange day,

    Nost inconvenient

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    Quote Originally Posted by david44 View Post
    For a while I worried was I full of shit, having tried enemas, panamas

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