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    Fish’s Get out of Jail Fred: How to smoke a salmon

    Hey remember back in the day when da fish did a sausage thead about, get this, sausages. Featuring miss fish's appendectomy and our sausage stuffer.

    I'd start another cool thread along those lines like mabey How to smoke a salmon, P.S. the hard part is getting them lit, or something but I've been sold down river and cannot start new threads or even go to the back pages of TD.

    Ok, if the glove don't fit, you must acquit. Yea, OJ walks but you jail/ ban the fish. Something fishy about all this I'd say.

    I wonder has anyone started a decent thread about anything here. I wouldn't know, I've been banned.

    Peace out....

    the fish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen
    I then insult you and expose your stupidity, and have in the past threatened you.
    Originally Posted by Latindancer
    And it being 12.15, that is why I said "morning-ish".

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealKW View Post
    How to smoke a salmon
    Must be dry. Use quality paper . . . mix with drum Halfzware . . . light up

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    Last but who gives a shit.
    I prefer to eat salmon raw. Tastes much better.

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    We are getting into dangerous territory here talking about salmon and Fishlocker.
    I think Ian Anderson from that bloody Jethro Tull had a salmon farm in Scotland.
    Don't want to set the fish off on a mad video posting epesode.

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