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    Australian Govt to pay back $721m as it scraps Robodebt for Centrelink recipients

    Australian Govt to pay back 1m as it scraps Robodebt for Centrelink recipients-11575496-3x2-xlarge-jpg

    The Federal Government has announced it will refund $721 million worth of debts it clawed back through its controversial Robodebt scheme.

    Key points:
    • Almost half a million debts will be waived or refunded by the Government
    • The computer-generated demands for payment will be refunded if they have already paid
    • The scheme began requiring additional proof last year

    The scheme saw hundreds of thousands of people issued with computer-generated debt notices, some of which made demands for payment from people who did not owe the Government any money.

    Services Australia said in a statement that 470,000 debts would be waived, with refunds to be rolled out from July.
    More than 370,000 people were affected, with some having been issued multiple notices.
    People who have already paid their debts will be refunded.

    Government to pay back $721m as it scraps Robodebt for Centrelink welfare recipients - ABC News
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    Bit late for the ones who suicided because of it.

    Centrelink robodebt: Hours before Jarrad'''s death, he received a $2k notice.
    Robodebt claims the life of a 19-year-old mum

    Centrelink is a truly evil organisation.
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