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Thread: Ow's yer Hose ?

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    Ow's yer Hose ?

    Festive socks: a subtle way to embrace party season ahead of schedule

    Ho ho ho twin

    kle toes


    Happy Socks

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    As we tiptoe into party season, thoughts turn to all the festive trimmings.
    By which I mean those in your wardrobe, not to accompany the turkey (although it’s never too early to ponder the merits of the perfect roastie).
    Velvet! Sequins! Tinsel! Christmas is no time for Scrooge-like self-restraint. Instead, decking yourself in more finery than the tree has become an annual tradition. It is during such OTT times as these that the fine art of subtlety can make just as much impact as if you turn up to your office Christmas party dipped in glitter and topped off with a bow.
    And for this, there is no greater example than a pair of party socks. If you’re worried that your LBD is lacking the pizzazz that December demands, a well-chosen sock is the perfect addition and offers an understated statement — no matter how loud you decide to go. Similarly, for those who balk at the idea of anything remotely Christmassy before December 24 and yet find themselves with a diary full of festively-themed obligations, a party sock is a tentative nod to the season. Think of it as a wearable version of treating yourself to a gingerbread latte instead of going for the full works Christmas sandwich. Plus, it’s the perfect solution for those with a penchant for shoes that pinch, or who struggle to ditch the deniers for a night out.
    Personally, I’m currently feeling a velvet sock. Darner Socks — a specialist of high-end socks, made in LA and available at — has a plethora of plushy party socks, spanning ribbed styles in ice-breaking shades of hot pink or cherry red to crushed velvet versions in jewel hues of sapphire or emerald. They also come in black and grey, if banana yellow is a step too far for you. And at £30 a pop, they’re a good self-gifted stocking filler which can make recycling last year’s outfit a far more appealing proposition.
    (Happy Socks)
    Happy Socks’ appropriately titled Hysteria range also has something to suit every personality, from sparkly lurex to power prints such as these leopard print and stripe options which would look ace paired with brogues and cropped black trousers (NB: if you’re going to invest in the perfect pair of party socks, make sure they’re seen).
    (& Other Stories)
    Alternatively, head to the high street. & Other Stories currently has a good line of glittery polka dot and sheer floral styles, all of which will leave you with change from a tenner, while ASOS’s sequin socks are a dream to team with plain black strappy sandals and a vinyl skirt.
    But for the most dedicated party peacocks, there can be no better party sock than the ostrich feather trimmed finery courtesy of Italian export No.21.

    Practical? Of course not — these are as bad a partner to a drizzly December evening as they are a washing machine. But totally fabulous? Without a doubt. Particularly as far as shaking a tailfeather is concerned

    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    I could just do with a good set of work socks

    I used to always buy the explorer , but the current version is sh1t - I tried another style of work sock from Aust which I bought when I was there in Nov last year - they are fcuked after less than a year

    they need to be thick , 1 piece units made of wool

    socks have all gone poof , as evidenced by the photos above

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