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    Inner Wrongholia

    IP Leak DJ Assangle heads to Ecaudorp

    Aship Storekeeper's bunk
    Blip Numbpricktoot resurrected for 2nd coming
    Clip Recycled old trash Smeg/Commander Shithead etc
    Dip Dilly's gentleman's relish @@special clinic
    Drip cellarfull of chimps who help the HB stream and Fart vloggs
    Easyflip Blurterfly's dragon
    Flip Chico trainee sausage handler at Pattaya Pies
    Gip LD Oatless case
    Hip Hick our man in the rainforest
    Jip Cyrille master of the one liner
    Kip BLD master of the sudan one miner
    Lip Baldrick master of the witty binliner
    Nip Dickywicky Zaza go bore
    Pip Graceless Fawn meets Punty
    Tip Mskitadvisor always moist whether windy cold , always hot
    Trip Katie's splendid motoryokel diaries
    Vip JackMcOff driving CCC's tuktuk
    Whip Earl's cat O' Nine tales
    Zip Rusty opening of Lulu's multi O'Toole
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    I'm not in jail
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    momo's Y-fronts

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