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    ...^fine, but lust demands quicker action than patient grooming...

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    but lust demands quicker action than patient grooming
    True, but lust can be satisfied with a quick trip to BKK, and patient grooming is realistic, given the number of years that I could stay over here.

    I started to re-learn Burmese again (I learnt a bit back in 2012/13). Happily, my ability to pick up foreign languages means that I can speak basic conversational Burmese after only 4 lessons (my previous knowledge had obviously been lodged somewhere at the back of my brain). Being able to speak Burmese is a definite neccesity to find a long-term 'gik'.

    I had previously considered opening an English language tuition centre somewhere in Thailand, but the rules and regulations seem to make this all but impossible. With the ability to speak and write half-decent both Burmese and Thai (and Lao), it would be nice to be able to open a business like this in somewhere like Mae Sot.
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