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Thread: More Pie

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    15-11-2020 @ 07:58 PM

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    I still haven't received the prize pies as POTY in 2016 (or was it 2017? ). I will accept deliveries by LBC or FedEx. Pls ship 3 extra pies: I'll share with Davis, Topper & Graceless Fawn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katie23 View Post
    I still haven't received the prize pies as POTY in 2016 (or was it 2017? ).
    You obviously missed many other posts Katie.

    Can I sponsor you for a better internet connection?

    Send me your details and let's get that done to clear your mind!

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    27-11-2020 @ 12:46 PM
    Jesus Christ Topper,

    I kicked in to help save ya skank arse and ya started posting up pictures regards the fat ladden shitty burgers you were eating. ?????

    Rather fuking uncool i reckon eh. I would not of minded if ya spent some coin on getting ya huge fat guts banded and ya rancid infected teeth sorted but to blow my coin on friggin burgers is well fooked up innit. !!!!!!

    Then ya threw ya lot in an fooked off to Flippa land and went on a bender eating their fookin health destroying food.

    Anyway Tops, when ya little mate JJ comes clean and reimburses us Australians for his Head ache pills maybe you can give back the money you de frauded from us Teak Door members.

    Come on Tops, you can do without those burgers for 15 minutes eh.

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