This (slightly bizarre) bikini style is going to be a massive hit this summer

The swimwear is already all over social media

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Hai Swim

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When it comes to bikinis, there are very rarely any new styles. After all, there's only so much one can do to jazz up the waterproof equivalent of underwear.
But in a sea of triangle, bandeau and underwired bikini tops, a brand spanking new style has now made an appearance - and Instagram is already all over it. Of course.
'80s-inspired, the unique silhouette features wire detail in the shape of a V, which might make you do a double take at first, but give it a minute and you'll soon want to wear one, pronto.
Created by Australian brand Bamba Swim, it hasn't taken long for the affordable 43.35 design to catch on.
Not only is the style refreshingly unique, but the silhouette helps to accentuate your assets.

"With an understanding of the female body in all forms, B A M B A is designed to incorporate the high-rise, cheeky cuts and bold colours to accentuate your assets," the brand states on its website.
With styles ranging from cherry red to jet black and pure white, Bamba's best-selling Vino top also has every colour covered.
A multitude of models and cool girls on the 'gram have been quick to give the minimal aesthetic their seal of approval, including Victoria's Secret model Gizele Oliveira.

Beachwear becomes streetwear

We also have a feeling it won't be long before the trendy new top is hailed the bralet of the season and becomes a street style sensation, too.
Hai Swim's "8:00 PM" top (Hai Swim )Hai Swim, an LA-based label, founded by 19-year-old fashion student Marcelle Barbosa, mixes swimwear, art and streetwear.
"My brand shows that bikinis are not only made for the beach,' Hai told the Standard. 'Their simplicity and elevated style allow women to wear them whenever with whatever."
Hai Swim's take on the V bar bikini won't be out until later this month, but women are already styling Bamba's existing designs into Instagrammable street style looks. See below.

If you're impatient to wait for international postage, Missguided has come to the rescue and created a few similar V bar bikini sets for only 25.
Next day delivery has never been more needed.

So, there you have it, the cool girl swimwear item of the summer. Sure, you could come away with a few dodgy tan lines, but hey, no one ever said being on-trend was easy.