2560 is insufficient for some.

The annual rave starts soon

Millions of happy revellers will splash flash and crash

Luckily the girl with the pearl necklace has arranged for the hole event to be immoralised in moping images.

In keeping with seemly advice from the committee for righteous sanook.

It is compulsary to soak several times to achieve the classic wet T shit stiff ripple for the Photo comp.

Having achieved world record number of cabbages for road deaths, you'd think they'd maxxed out.

However ever eager to create a hub there will be a new categories how many can roll out of a Hilux in a single day.Flattening a Flarang from a balcony and how many farters an by mowed down by a millionaire.

There were cheers all round as the crack puff em away division cleared the smog and introduced a ban on quiet singers with good voices being banned anywhere near a Microphone.

Finally a parade of Drag On Tops, Floral and Rainbow tops like butterflies old laundry.

A hoppy and pissful new year and good luck with Nine O'Cock Moose competition, rear entries have already opened.

https://teakdoor.com/photoshop-and-ph...mpetition.html (April Photo Competition)