The world over music and dance, drinking and sports were communal.
The Craic ,Fun and Games or as Germans think of Gemutlichkeit , sans souci without a care in the world.

Anyone who has resided long term in a village will recognise the onset

The tent is erected, the blue plastic chairs emerge from somewhere and a one legged bloke in a 60 year old scout uniform directs the traffic.
Speakers large enough for a rock concert blare 24/7
Neon bulbs guide the Bush pissers

Be it wedding death or new house the formula is a replay of the last
The round table starts neatly with soda and juices
As the Chang flows and husks are flicked ,Dusk is the tiime to leave

However as nighfalls and the specialities emerge Regency , Hong Thong, Mekong or worse and lashing of Lao Khao to water it down tongues loosen.
Monks suck off the prawns!, tongues wag , granpa gurns, grnma leers,and the young bloods stroke their devices hoping to impress their flavoured nongs.

Then Japans great contribution to earplug sales Karaoke bursts forth where every budding Elvis or Nicole lets rip

Dogs bark , kids puke the same drunken conversations, mountains of rice and unbeliveably spicy green colored dishes appear and women clapping in hoots... and so it goes .......until the next one

No need for fotos Hieronymous Bosch and Breughaladescribed similar scenes