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    ^^^ I didn't disbelieve you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maanaam View Post
    I didn't watch more than a few miutes of it. But if he said that, he's a wanker. On the one hand ostensibly raising sympathy for her and on the other hand putting her down.

    The word he used was free lancer and he went on to claim that Briar was living off her earnings at one time. The Dutch bloke is hardly snow white having done time in HK for fraud!

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    Graham Briar was a flawed person (who isn't?) basically the guy appeared to be trying to keep his sagging ship afloat via vlogging (and by all accounts was actually starting to eke out a marginal living from it). Basic premise of any youtuber/vlogging channel is, if you do not like them or their content, do not watch, nor financially support, period, end of.

    But not for some. Graham particularly enraged 2 'offshore' vloggers - American David Pursel/Snake Hunter (who looks like a Walmart poster boy) - and Bkk Travel in UK (who's domicile looks as dreary as a dank council house). At the base of it, both shared a vile hatred of Graham Briar eking out a spartan living over in their coveted Thailand (whilst they're stuck back home) and both ran similar disturbingly almost pathological witch-hunts against him and both also had very few youtub subscribers/viewers at the time (but both picked up many more as a result of their obsessive anti-GB campaign..)

    We can't see Pursel anymore or his multiple video attacks of GB as he's removed all evidence:

    Bkk-Travel (UK) has also removed all his attack videos too following Grahams death, claiming 'out of respect':

    'Video Freedom' is another serial anti GB commenters:
    (note his own e-begging 'support my show' with his PayPal link below the vid and in this vid here)

    Video Freedom epic anti-Brit/Aussie Commonwealth etc rant:

    Video Freedom's alt-right channel e-begging for funds:

    Another serial muck-raker and vehement anti GB/anti 'e-begging' & 'mongering' is Twitchy:
    Video Freedom interviews Greg Bender (aka Twitchy / greg in sunny thailand)

    Twitchy has stated in the past his channel is far better than others who have more subscribers (perhaps the real crux of the rub and his 'Thai vlogger war'?)

    Then we have Rein. Longtime serial muck-raker (who opens stating he cares about Pie and her boy then in his own comments goes right after Pie...)

    And here we have Rein himself e-begging on his newish China channel:
    click any video to see the intro text:
    'Welcome to Uncle Rein - Please support my channel for new equipment'
    (text goes on to show Ali-Pay and other donation methods)

    ThaiVisa also did quite well with multiple breaking news mega clicks hot topics on Graham Briar (and similar to Bkk-Travel and Pursel, all pages have been removed...) A complete shameless hit n run all round.

    Personally thought Graham's channel was a tad boring, only watched a couple times, decided not my cup o' tea and moved on, simple right? For his followers who felt they were getting content which they personally enjoyed thus supported him, no problem, as it should be. But instead others chose to vindictively hound the guy on his death bead (and even after his death). Wish Pursel, Bkk-Travel et all good luck with their newly bumped up subscribers and for all who had a go at hapless Graham pre & post humously, hope it was worth it and your own lives are somehow less bleak or richer for it...

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