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    'I beat type 2 diabetes with 200-calorie drinks'

    This from the Beeb:

    'I beat type 2 diabetes with 200-calorie drinks' - BBC News

    which basically says that after some lard-bucket patients went on a diet, 'Nearly half of patients have reversed type 2 diabetes in a "watershed" trial, say doctors in Newcastle and Glasgow'

    Well, that sounds like good news.

    But I have to wonder why these doctors never considered putting their fat patients on a diet before...
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    I read that pulasan (kind of rambutan) fruit works against diabetic. It's very sweet fruit but seems to help them. Malaysia has them a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cando View Post
    Malaysia has them a lot.
    Obesity statistics ring alarm bells in Malaysia | News | Al Jazeera

    Lardy the bear faced of Koala Lumpier are to be offered a Chow KIt

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    If ya have type 2 diabetes because one is a fat fuk eating shit food than this story aint no watershed eh.

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