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    Forget Melania ... first ladies who live in the lap of luxury

    Grace Mugabe ... At the time of their marriage Grace Mugabe was 31 and Robert Mugabe was 72 years old

    Known to many as "Gucci Grace" or Zimbabwe's "First Shopper", she's believed to have spent tens of thousands of tax-payer dollars on
    luxury goods and shopping sprees in Paris.

    But she's not the first to make the position of first lady look lucrative.

    Asma al-Assad (wife of Syria'a Leader)

    Born in Britain to Syrian parents, the wife of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is well-educated and was described
    by Vogue magazine as "glamorous and chic" in a 2011 profile.

    Emails obtained by Wikileaks reportedly contained to the details of orders for five chandeliers, 11 ottomans and a
    rug worth just under $20,000.

    She's also believed to have a penchant for Louboutin shoes*.

    Balance of the story is here

    * (I'll have to ask Dillinger's Wife about Louboutin shoes ... I have no idea)

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    Today @ 07:54 AM
    Council flat. Thanks suckers!
    I loled at the pic

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