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    Global visualiisation of aerosols

    Very impressive. This animation shows aerosols distributed worldwide. Assembled using data from multiple satellites. It shows smoke, salt raised from the sea and dust. Very impressive how dust from the Sahara moves.

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    The trouble is that it doesn't show worldwide, it shows North America and western Europe, and misses out the places where the bulk of global pollution is coming from... that's the real inconvenient truth...

    Try these old ones:

    Check out the constant smog from China, eastern India, eastern Europe, activity over Indonesia
    This one shows activity over Congo and Amazon too.

    All the bad air in China is being transported across the pacific to the west coast of North America.
    Dust normally moves west from the Sahara, and that has gradually increased over thousands of years.

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    confusius say, lady pilot that fly upside down , have crackup.

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