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    Sorry For Nothing by Danny Boy .

    Sorry For Nothing by Danny Boy .

    In the early hours of Sunday morning, Conor McGregor made history at UFC 205 by becoming the first person to hold world titles at 2 different weights simultaneously. He added the lightweight world title to his featherweight world title by defeating Eddie Alvarez inside the second round.

    His blistering hand speed was simply too much for Alvarez, but the highlight was surely his post-fight interview in which he said the following:

    “I’ve spent a lot of time slaying everybody in the company. Backstage, I’m starting fights off everybody. I ridiculed everyone on the roster. I just want to say, from the bottom of me heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologize… to absolutely nobody!”

    This was after he had already demanded that somebody go backstage and get his second belt.

    McGregor has made a name for himself both inside and outside the ring with his behavior which some see as arrogant. Others see it as a very clever publicity stunt by a man who clearly knows what he wants, and how to achieve it.

    Sorry For Nothing - PattayaOne

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    Conor McGregor loves Conor McGregor. IDT, INDT.


    He was good though, in that short clip.

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    It was laughable that he wanted to take on Floyd Mayweather.

    As he's never boxed professionally, they wouldn't give him a license in a million years

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