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    Inner Wrongholia

    Flange Slyamese Dick sherry for Newbies

    Porntip sex education

    Big Prick KW

    Sigh ban Chez Moi

    Sir Nook large buffet for which you'll be charged

    Muck A'Tar unpaid chef job

    Kreng jai Coolio

    Towel Awry , May we have our bill

    Nong Serving Wench

    My pen Lie Sorry I need to restuff your Bill

    Lotus eyrie 7/11 suasage grill

    Beer bar= beer allowed

    Cow Pat rural staple

    Bangkok Grunge Tip

    Yadong Brain restyling mousse

    Ajarn Door left unhinged

    Massage Parlour Sperm Bank

    Message Parlour Wank Bank

    Reincarnation We can eat more

    Archa local toilet duck brand

    Yabba Loud crone talking on bus

    Zonkran Mass assisted suicide

    Lays Beauty Parlour employees

    Hansum Man Punter

    Kinkao pre op sox change

    Car Toy surprise date
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by david44 View Post
    Archa local toilet duck brand
    Forgot about that.

    Was 4 large btls for 100b when I was living in Isaan.

    Me alcho mate would go through 8 btls a night, I'd head over and we'd blast out some good shit on his drums and guitars.

    The drums were given to him by his alco neighbour's wife after the alco husband croaked in a flammable state. Rooted his daughter on her break from Uni 2 months later.

    Bladdy Isaan.

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