Here in best of all LOS many things are improving, where else could it go.

There is a general separation of powers.Not in USA.Trumpettes are making ugly noses like all bullies once defeat becomes obvious

While crimis and the odd bad apple may have a rocket launcher in his room , in case the Je Hoovers witnesses overstay there rogering etc.

However in most grown up places dangerous maniacs are not usually armed, with one exception, USA with its feral second amendment rights.
I can see why a settler hunter trapper, decent citizen might even want a pistol or rifle to deter burglars papist rapist or Canadians, but assualt rifles?

I feel sorry for such a violent immature people

However their stolen land wealth and power makes them a global menace

Trump's supporters talk rebellion, assassination at his rallies - The ...
15 Oct 2016 - Anger and hostility were the most overwhelming sentiments at a Trump rally in Cincinnati Thursday evening, a deep sense of frustration

Donald Trump's supporters are talking armed revolt if he loses News World
17 Oct 2016 - Ardent Donald Trump supporters are talking of armed revolt, believing the Republican candidate's conspiracy theories of a rigged election.

The fact the candidate has not denounced these threats is why is not worthy of trust, rant over.

P.S nowt wrong with ladies of Santa Barbara or hawaii Uni who were most accommodating