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    Three long-term over-stayers arrested in Pattaya

    Three long-term over-stayers arrested in Pattaya

    Tuomo Sakari Timonen (55)

    A British national, thirty-two year old Mehdi Kalbasi Ashtari, was arrested at the Rung Fa Condominiums, Sukhumvit Road, Pattaya (Close to Pattaya Klang) after an anonymous tip-off.

    Ashtari was found to have over-stayed his visa by 592 days. He is being processed for deportation and will be banned from the kingdom for three-years.

    Mehdi Kalbasi Ashtari to be barred from re-entering for three-years

    A Finnish man, fifty-five year old Tuomo Sakari Timonen, has been picked up at a business premises at 143/139 Moo 2, Nong Preu, Banglamung. His visa expired 594 days ago and he too will be deported and barred from re-entering for three-years.

    Finally Kenyan bar worker Ruth Wanguikiruri, who is twenty-nine, was found in a room opposite the Pine Bar and Restaurant in Pattaya.

    Her visa expired 691 days ago and she too will be deported

    Ruth Wanguikiruri to be deported

    Three long-term over-stayers arrested in Pattaya: BangkokJack News

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes
    Mehdi Kalbasi Ashtari
    wonder if he was one of The Cumberland Ashtari's or the distaff branch

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