Vindaloo a la Boslem was invented as by product of MqBools catlitter Waterloo Rd Cobridge c 1974
As bars shut at 11 the afters were at the Place or an 'Indian" latter to be copied in Manchesters famous curry mile a trough of Lancastrain slop.
Bradfors and its corner cafe with a nod to Tooting's fine Tamil efforts

Beloved staple of British drinkers
Sold in Indian pubs by Bangla Deshi waiters who actually were Stokie Sylhetis but enough of provenance.Oddly all local cats and dogs vanished and ne'er a wallaby sighted twixt Roach End and Rough close many a day since.

These so called "restaurants' often had flock wallpaper and a bar to blend seemlessly with pub, The inhabitants were the same folks just at different times.The ashtrays , urinals and beermats all added to the cozy welcome

The Meaty Vinderloo product shall be a well spiced meat cooked until indescibable and slarthered in a rich thick sauce.

This is served in a ritual service

The conventional service a la Russe so common today is ignored where dishes are served in order.

The table is laid with pints of Guinness or Lager Cobra preferred but emphasis is on temperature and volume to soothe plates prepped on Park drive and pork scratchings

Ye vindaloo is served with mountains of rice.Pittiful breads were a welcome later twist from the Bagdhadis and ragheadis and "our hamlets' settlements of East Londonistan.

Proper Poppadoms that dissolve in the fingers

Curds in form of minted Raita

and no Stokekealoo would be complete with a unique Marmelade and mango entrails passed off as chutney with Mrs Pataks sauces soon to become de rigeur

Altho you may need to find a loo the word is Goan portuguese origins the vinho d'alho wine and garlic base.

Is this the Best Spicy Chicken Vindaloo Recipe?

I refer mutton doin'and would suggest the finest curry to be had in Ernakalum where the Moors last sigh starts amongst the Portuguese sephardi who were the great spice traders of their era, served to the man from Gama and Javiers finest.Their history is told in Mr Solomon RushTeas fine follow up to allers a snackbar, which got such a padding from the Howdy Alabian jury.

Lamb Shank Vindaloo Recipe -

Beery Annie to follow

Lamb Shank Vindaloo Recipe -