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    Dirty Minded only in LOS

    A sign in a 7-Eleven shop supposed to promote sale of vegetarian foods caused an uproar among social networkers, prompting CP All to issue an apology.

    Mthai News website reported on Friday that CP All issued an apology over the sign that reads "If your mind is not clean enough, don’t ever dare to think about eating Je [Chinese-tradition vegetarian] foods".

    Mthai said the sign was posted on a refrigerator of a 7-Eleven shop and a Facebook user took a snapshot and shared it on the social network. The post led to an uproar and many Facebook users wondered how dare the 7-Eleven staffs to judge others as to whethr their mind is clean or not.

    According to Mthai, CP All issued a letter, saying the sign was promptly removed on Thursday and the staff, who is new one, has been reprimanded and was told not to do it again.

    CP All explained the staff did not intend to offend anyone but the staff did not understand the language in the sign thoroughly and simply wanted to draw attention of customers to the Je foods in the refrigerator.

    CP All said the manager of the shop was told to be more careful about signs in the sho.

    CP All added that it welcomed feedback from customers in case of more mistakes by its staffs.

    CP All apologises over veg-fest sign in 7-Eleven shop - The Nation

    Howeve the manager Khvn NobaRat Daily said it hadn't slowed the number of the people at the tills
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    deleted ...

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    Je foods, clear your mind and your colon.

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    Not your most amusing cut and paste RJ.

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    Whoa don't upset the outraged netizens, sunshine!

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    You learn something new everyday, one needs a clean mind to eat vegetarian food.
    Doesn't look like I'm going to be a vegetarian anytime soon.

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