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    Lease, usufruct, right of habitation, on and on, not one will hold up in a dispute.


    Worse, some could see you arrested, all can be voided by your wife at any time, that's why you never hear of farangs winning a court case.


    If you build a house in the sticks, it's your wife's house, only way to gain some tenure is by having a bank mortgage in the wife's name.
    You pay, while you pay you can stay, things go tits up, walk away and the bank gets the house.[/quote]

    SOUND ADVISE.. take on board op[/QUOTE]Land act.

    2- Measures on individuals with criminal offense and to be punished in accordance with laws.

    In the case of applying for land registration as an agent for a foreigner, there will be a criminal offense as follows;

    2.1 Offenses against the criminal code section 267 due to information the competent official to recode false statement in the official documents shall be subject to punishment with an imprisonment of not exceeding three years or a fine of not exceeding 6,000 baht or both.

    2.2 Offenses against the land code act. The alien who commits the offenses under the land code section 111, due to the acquisition of land illegitimately; shall be subject to punishment with a fine of not exceeding 20,000 baht or an imprisonment of not exceeding two years or both. Juristic person who commits the offense under the land code act section 112, or section 113 in case of Thai people; due to the acquisition of land as the agent for a foreigner or foreign entity shall be subject to punishment with a fine of not exceeding 20,000 baht or imprisonment of not exceeding two years or both.

    Section 96: 'When it appears that any person (including a juristic person) has acquired land as the owner in place of an alien or juristic person under the provisions of Section 97 and 98, the Director-General shall have the authority to dispose of such land and the provisions of Section 94 shall apply mutatis mutandis'.

    Criminal code.{ that's when you or wife don't disclose the truth at the land office]

    Section 267. Lying to Government Official
    Whoever causes an official in the execution of their duty to make any false entry in the public or official document for the aims to be used as evidence, shall be imprisoned not more of three years or fined not more of six thousand Baht, or both.

    Civil code.

    Section 1469. Any agreement concluded between husband and wife during marriage may be avoided by either of them at any time during marriage or within one year from the day of dissolution of marriage; provided that the right of third persons acting in good faith are not affected thereby.

    Cherry picking civil laws, which apply to Thais, over criminal laws, foreign business act and duel taxation agreements, leaves you open to bigger problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamescollister
    ..., that's why you never hear of farangs winning a court case.
    You have certainly read and been told about it several times on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by can123 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnG
    after all, look at the undeniable fact that he's been able to afford to fly to Thailand half a dozen times in a year. He .MUST have money ...
    There is no reason to believe that anything he has said is true. I do not believe any of it and I am certainly not daft enough to trawl through his scribblings to see if there is a possibilty of something being factual.
    Sorry, I was suggesting that this was an "undeniable fact" for anyone in a similar position to Freddy's supposed position (ie. anyone claiming to have little in the way of funds when they have the money for holidays and airfares).

    I'm still undecided if Freddy's a Walt or not, but his posts have still led to some interesting points despite Freddy.

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    khon kaen
    Despite all the advice / experience given on here there will still be the lemmings queuing up to unload their bank accounts into oblivion

    DONT DO IT !!!

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    Now you tell me.

    Hey now Conche I'm no lemming, just the fish.

    Some posts on this thread are worth revisiting.

    If I had the skills I would synchronize that poor childs moves with the Zappa Dancing Fool soundtrack.

    "I may be totally wrong but I'm a fool" could be the title to this thread. Cracks me up every time. Just sayen.

    I'm gonna watch the "Tied to the whipping pole" part again while I wait for my gf to swell up like a balloon.

    Post 506 page 21.
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    Freewilly has gone it seems.
    I was enjoying the laughs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pragmatic View Post
    Irrespective, Fred's gone now.
    Me thinks so.

    R.I.P Freddy, my boy.

    It was good craic knowing you.

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