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    Quote Originally Posted by Headworx View Post
    E-Books are the other thing killing print media, and why wouldn't it?. It's just so handy to be able to read a review of a book that sounds good or search for a topic that you're interested in, then have it on your tablet a few minutes later where you can adjust the brightness and print size to suit your eyes perfectly.

    Added to the reality that today it's so fucking expensive to keep printed matter in circulation regularly - and it always was before advent of electronic conduits.

    Hence, notice the thousands of print medium that have gone belly-up or easily transferred their product onto the internet and other electronic avenues.

    It is what it is.

    In a parallel universe, one could ask what would have become of printed media if the world of electronic gadgetry would have not existed.....

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    Humm way to american. Hows about 2000AD, the commic for your inner dainly mail reader.

    Featuring the future of american justice

    And TD's very own Davis Knowton as hammerstein

    Booners as mek-quake

    Teakdoor CSI, TD's best post-reality thinkers

    featuring Prattmaster ENT, Prattmaster Dapper and PrattmasterPseudolus

    Dedicated to uncovering irrational explanations to every event and heroically
    defending them against the onslaught of physics, rational logic and evidence

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