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What's funny about world war 2 historians is the emphasis is put on how many jews got killed, and never how many Russians got killed.
All killed by the Germans eh. At least the Russians had a chance to defend themselves.
Erm, what about the Jews, Polish and others raped and killed by the Russians?
Oh, not in your textbooks?
What about the warcrimes committed by 'merkin troops?
Oh, none to be found in your selected sources either?
Naturally, confusing those who comprehend only one history - the type that is repeated over and again without any such curiosity [or alternatives] to explore real and true perspectives and interpretations.

We'll have none of this, Strolls.

Very well put, Jeff. When the 'victor' is in charge of history books and keeps blaring out the worn and tired propaganda by constantly glitzing it up . . .

. . . you get World History 101, American style