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    YouTube - 'follow-on' clips

    I went to bed last evening, listening/watching some Bollywood songs on my internet TV.

    I woke up about three O'clock in the morning, having forgotten to switch off the TV. The Bollywood songs had finished, but YouTube 'followed on' with clips that they deemed appropriate to my search interests.

    Upon awakening, I was startled to see a semi-naked, fat Indian woman being fondled by a skinny Indian guy, whilst both of them gyrated to some local song.

    This video clip lasted about 5 minutes ands then YouTube kindly followed on with similar, 'hot' clips from the same producer, all featuring obese Indian women and rather limp-wristed Indian men who spend 50% of their time dancing too close to some other Indian guys.

    Here is a sample - I couldn't get a morning 'woody' after watching this lot...

    Anyone care to mention their own 'follow-on' clips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Simon43
    'follow-on' clips
    Totally retarded feature from Youtube.

    You can disable it with the Autoplay toggle switch in the top right.

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