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    Truck driver flees with cop hanging on his door

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    09-12-2019 @ 06:59 AM
    I saw that on the Thai news today.

    Pissed up whilst driving and trying to escape.

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    Its a wonder the cop did not just shoot him. Would of been a fair conclusion huh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by terry57 View Post
    Its a wonder the cop did not just shoot him. Would of been a fair conclusion huh.
    Not quite sure about that, but the thought did cross my mind. But in retrospect, I think about these people here, and think that the police officer and the offender most likely have more in common with each other than their roles in life suggest.

    There is not much I can do about the escapades that happen here on a daily basis, and they certainly do push my mental capacities to the absolute limits and more often than naught leave me beggared and reaching to a beer...

    I guess that this is Thailand...

    Sometimes I really hate these people, yet when I am in that frame of mind, I find that I am in a state of mind that is not a good place to go, and in truth, it is because I let my guard down and failed myself.

    On the other hand, when my guard is up, and I am responsible and true to myself, I can face the Devil himself, and actually sit down with him and throw back a couple of beers and discuss politics and football.

    I guess it is simply the way we look at life and the frame of mind we are in at that particular moment.

    The guy driving...... the guy hanging off the door...

    Really now... this is Thailand...

    Can you really blame the guy in the truck, and can you really blame the guy hanging on the door?

    I don't think so.

    If I could open up their heads and pour in an ounce of truth, I think they would both understand that their choices are what contributed to this incident, and therefore I cannot in good conscience condemn either one of them for the situation.

    Just a few of my thoughts on that.

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    Hating but living in the 3rd world
    They got the guy now. His excuse was he'd had two beers and panicked because he thought he was going to be breath tested

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