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    Classic Aussie cooking

    Necron - try a couple of these recipies

    Slippery Bob:
    Take kangaroos brains and mix with flour and water, and make into batter; well season with pepper, salt etc; then pour a table-spoonful at a time into an iron pot containing emu fat and take them out when well done.
    "Bush fare" requiring a good appetite and excellent digestion.

    Pan Jam:
    Roast kangaroos tails in the ashes with the skin on; when nearly done, scrape them well, and divide at the joints. Then put them in a pan with a few slices of fat bacon, to which add a few mushrooms, pepper etc. Fry gently and serve.
    First-rate tack.

    Roast wombat:
    This animal feeds on grass and roots, and its flesh is eaten roasted; some persons like its flavour, others, again decry it. It is also cooked in steaks. Native porcupines are cooked in a like way
    or aquire withnalls favourite lamb and dish up some bush oysters

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    Done roo tail.

    no one would eat a wombat.

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    I've tried all of that. Bloody tasty.

    Snakes are good and tenderloin croc is delicious.

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    9/11 was an inside job

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    Quote Originally Posted by baldrick
    aquire withnalls favourite lamb and dish up some bush oysters
    At your peril.

    If you are prepared to eat something i might have shagged then you are a braver man than i.

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