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    Cream Downunder

    Obama in shorts? Xi in his swimmers? Brisbane welcomes G20 to 'paradise'

    bollox here
    Obama in shorts? Brisbane welcomes G20 to 'paradise' -

    The old saying The irish got the music the scots the medals the pommys the money.

    Bria and the Gold Coast Sodall and Gommarah

    Russian navy offshore a kraut monarch
    Japeye motels where Korean dogmunchers chew thaitarts

    West End Iti cafes Greek tucker,Boundary Street to keep Abo in his place

    Hardly room left for an Okker in white sox, but of course just 5 minutes up Minto Rd or out beyond the valley into the drive ins and dairies its bowlo as usual/

    More CiaNN bollox

    The G20 is in town and with it comes sacred flames, security bans, street protests and a bizarre front page depiction of world leaders in various states of undress.
    The Australian city of Brisbane arguably hasn't seen this much excitement since World Expo '88 transformed a derelict strip of industrial land into a sprawling souvenir shop and later an inner city beach.
    Preparations have been underway for more than two years, since ex-Prime Minister Julia Gillard's former Labor government proposed the city as a venue for the world's largest and most influential economic talks.
    Current Prime Minister Tony Abbott has sworn that this G20 "will not be a talkfest." Still, over the next few days, political pundits will be scrutinizing the words, actions and gestures of at least 25 world leaders for hints at future policy.
    While they do, here are few lesser-known facts about Brisbane's G20.
    G20 ceremonial fire. Don\'t put it out.
    G20 ceremonial fire. Don't put it out.
    1. There's a sacred ceremonial fire
    At least, we hope there is. Last week, firefighters responded to a 000 call -- Australia's version of 911 -- to report an open fire in the city's Musgrave Park near the G20 center.
    Officers duly put it out, only to be confronted by angry Aboriginal elders of the Jagera tribe who had lit the sacred ceremonial flame for G20, according to ABC reporter Michael James.
    "They accosted the firefighters, yelling at them, a fair bit of swearing, accusing them of deliberately attempting to extinguish the fire as they knew that it was their sacred fire," James told CNN.
    The embers used to light the blaze came from the fire burning at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, the headquarters of a long campaign for recognition and compensation for the theft of Aboriginal land.
    During a march through the city on Monday, activists stopped in the middle of the street and broke into traditional dance, James said. More protests are planned during G20.

    Protesters dance in the street.

    2. Banned: Eggs, stones, insects
    If you thought about taking your lizard for a walk through inner city Brisbane this week think again. "A reptile, insect, or other animal capable of causing physical harm if released in close proximity to a person" are banned from key areas of the city, according to the government's G20 security law.
    You can't carry an egg, stone, metal cans, tins or glass bottles, and especially not ones that contain urine or manure, which are also on the banned list. Of course, crossbows are out and it would be best to leave your whips at home.

    3. Step away from the mayonnaise
    The threat of terrorism may be on the minds of police chiefs, but the state's top doctor has said she's more worried about egg mayonnaise.
    Local caterers are expecting to prepare around 100,000 meals for delegates, media and police over the two-day event, creating a potential Salmonella minefield.
    "We've seen quite a few outbreaks in Queensland over the last few years, mainly due to raw eggs," Dr. Jeannette Young told The Australian.
    "My personal view is we should all shy away from raw egg mayonnaise at all times," she said.
    MORE: Is this the world's most liveable city?

    4. Cheese please
    U.S. President Obama is known to love a cheese burger, which is presumably why Brisbane Airport's Windmill & Co. has created the Big Obama Burger. Either that or they fancied some free publicity.
    The towering burger includes two Angus beef patties, cheese (of course), onions, onion rings, spinach, tomato, cucumbers and mustard. Fans of local burger delicacies, beetroot and pineapple, will have to look elsewhere.
    5. Mind the signs

    A row has erupted over signs at Brisbane Airport, which would have been some of the first images delegates saw as they make their way through arrivals.

    The rejected slogans, submitted by Civil Society 20 (C20) and Transparency International included: "If corruption was an industry it would be the world's third largest." And "Women comprise 70% of the world's poor."
    Brisbane Airport tweeted: "We don't accept any political ads, whether from parties, cause based organizations or individuals, regardless of issue/message."
    C20 spokesman John Lindsay said: "It's a sad day for Australia if talking about inequality, climate change or corruption are deemed too political."
    The airport is offering a billboard of world leaders to satisfy demands for selfies.
    6. Still at the airport...
    Possibly the people most excited about G20 right now are about 120 plane spotters who are at Brisbane Airport eagerly awaiting the arrival of planes never before seen the country.
    "The mood is excellent. People are excited about these aircraft visiting and how it puts Brisbane on the map in a global sense," Beau Chenery from told CNN.
    U.S. Treasury Secretary arrives
    U.S. Treasury Secretary arrives
    "Some of these aircraft will probably never visit Brisbane again so it really is a one in a lifetime opportunity for aviation photographers."
    The most anticipated touchdowns are President Putin's Ilyushin Il-96 and Obama's Air Force One.
    "Everyone's hoping for Air Force One but it probably won't happen," plane spotter Daniel Vorbach told the ABC.
    "I'd be ecstatic. That would be the pinnacle of everything."
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    Dumb fucks.

    It has been known for a while that airforce-1 would be flying into amberley and not brisbane.
    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly View Post
    let me explain simply 100MB != 1GB RAM

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    Quote Originally Posted by david44
    Obama in shorts? Xi in his swimmers? Brisbane welcomes G20 to 'paradise'
    Kim Kardashian without a butt covering? The world 'goes gaga'

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    I thought, from the title of the thread, that Eric, Ginger and the ghost of Jack were reforming and making a tour of Oz.

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