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    Govt spokesman clarifies 114 million baht PR budget offered to his company

    Government spokesman Caption Yongyuth Maiyalarp today denied of awarding over a hundred million baht public relations campaign budget to a company which he owned, saying it was untrue.
    The spokesman came out to defend himself following report that a company by the name of DM Intercommunication Ltd was awarded more than 114 million baht PR budgets from the government – the latest budget was for the PR campaign of the Commerce Ministry’s Thong Fa ( Blue Flag ) goods.

    The report has prompted Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha to order an investigation which revealed the company was awarded the Thong Fa campaign budget in June this year, as well as was awarded budgets from several government agencies in the past for up to 114 million baht.

    Capt Yongyuth said in fact the total 114 million baht budget was not from a single PR budget, but from all 64 PR campaign budgets received from government agencies during the past 14 years since 2000.

    He said the company has been in operations for over a decade and now has many employees working in the field of radio and television.

    He said sponsorship budgets were derived honestly not only from government agencies but also private corporations.

    He sad now he had no business connectiin with the company as he has already sold all stakes at below cost price since July 30 as he was too tired with the work while having plentiful work on flood and political conflicts.

    He said he had negotiated sales deal for a certain period with interested buyers, and while negotiation was reached and deal price was still on talks, his company’s staff were also still working and was awarded the Thong Fa project in June.

    He explained this was the reason why his wife had to sign the deal as new investor still could not yet resume operation.

    He denied interfering in the Thong Fa project, saying he was busy with hospital and the military junta’s spokesperson work.

    On the prime minister’s probe order, he said this would be clarified by his deputy later.

    Govt spokesman clarifies 114 million baht PR budget offered to his company - Thai PBS English News

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