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    Top Ten reasons for calling in sick

    I haven't used number five but there have been plenty of occasions....

    I have actually found myself in number 6 a few times.

    The 10 "most unbelievable" excuses for 2014, according to CareerBuilder:

    1. Employee just put a casserole in the oven.
    2. Employee's plastic surgery for enhancement purposes needed some "tweaking" to get it just right.
    3. Employee was sitting in the bathroom and her feet and legs fell asleep. When she stood, up she fell and broke her ankle.
    4. Employee had been at the casino all weekend and still had money left to play with on Monday morning.
    5. Employee woke up in a good mood and didn't want to ruin it.
    6. Employee had a "lucky night" and didn't know where he was.
    7. Employee got stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store and couldn't get out.
    8. Employee had a gall stone they wanted to heal holistically.
    9. Employee caught their uniform on fire by putting it in the microwave to dry.
    10. Employee accidentally got on a plane.

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    I have never rang in sick.
    I have always gone home sick.

    Sick of work that is

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    I ate a bad fish stick should be on the list.

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    My finest moment:

    "Just popping to the cafe...

    ... and I may be some time"

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    I have a hangover. I'm not a nice person to be around when I'm hungover. It's the smell you see, and the snoring, and the constant cupping. Women on the tube have been known to register their annoyance with an umbrella.
    Best for everyone if I stay home and sleep it off.
    Heart of Gold and a Knob of butter.

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    Wont be in today boss im sick

    How sick are you

    Well im lying here getting blown by some guy called Bettyboo

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