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    #Breaking News# New Thai political party manifesto for change....

    The Monster Raving Farang Party!

    A new manifesto for change has reared in Thailand and they are seeking proposed proposals from farang's with a connection to the Kingdom of Siam.
    Some of the proposal's on the manifesto are....

    1,Capitol City to be relocated to Phetchabun due to the increase in global warming and flooding in Bangkok.

    2,Wearing of coloured shirt's restricted to the colour of sky blue to ease colour turmoil of late.

    3,Cock culling to start with immediate effect as ordered by the reluctant early riser.

    4, Outlawing of MSG and Nam pla by the health ministry.

    5, Ice hockey to be the new national sport as suggested by our shadow minister for sport.

    Suggestion's by Teak door member's of other proposal's to our manifesto are being taken at this time, let's have a real revolution/coup!

    Many thank's for your support.

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    Oh, Chitty the possibilities are endless. We could start by removing the tongues of farangs once they enter the nation.

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