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Thread: Feeling good

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    Feeling good

    I have until now never voted for a winning party.
    Went casually to the Polling Station last Thursday with My Mary and our Daughter to show them how to vote.
    You pick up a lead pencil and make a cross, just copy Papa.
    They take pictures of the lovely surroundings, grey squirrels running around the genteel relaxed trees.
    How do you explain to them that once I was living in a British colony in the 60's and watched at a school assembly the English flag come down the flag pole, and the new Independence flag being raised, by the locals.
    Now Mother Britain who has no fight left in her, I have to fight for your independence.
    From Europe's yoke.
    Are you worth fighting for?

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    DON'T VOTE !

    The revolution is happening.

    I would post pictures but life's too short.

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