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    Copies of passport page, CV, work permit, etc on phone?

    I was thinking it would be quite handy to copy scanned copies of my passport page, CV, work permit, reference letters, etc onto my phone, if called upon to produce them in a pinch (cop stops and asks - although this has never happened, or need to forward my CV for a possible job).

    Good/bad idea?

    In the event of losing my phone (very rare - touch wood/noggin) would said thieves be able to get up to mischief with those documents, ie. identity theft?

    Was thinking about this yesterday when I looked at my tattered passport copy in my wallet.

    Alternatively I could just reprint the essentials on good quality (waterproof/laminated) paper.

    Which way would you swing? And is it possible to encrypt documents/files on a smartphone?

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    If you get asked to produce, which rarely happens, they want the originals. I have an ID card from Hong Kong I always carry and that was accepted as ID proof on the one time I have ever been asked for it. Drivers license with photo should work as well.

    Lose your phone though, and who ever gets it gets everything they need to steel your identity. Not the best idea really.
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    I used to keep a credit card sized laminated copy of my passport in my wallet which most coppers here accepted. Now I just show my Thai driving license.

    I still get fined whenever stopped though, bastards !

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