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Gay Twitter is coming for Madonna with pitchforks and torches and things are getting ugly

By Graham Gremore July 29, 2020 at 4:07pm 39 comments

Madonna really stepped in it this time and, honestly, we think it’s gonna take her a while to weasel her way outta this.

Yesterday, the singer found herself wading into COVID-19 controversy after she shared a coronavirus propaganda video and voiced her support for Dr. Stella Immanuel, the quack physician who runs a clinic out of a strip mall in Texas, claims hydroxychloroquine is the cure for coronavirus, and has been encouraging people not to wear masks. (She’s also made bizarre comments about “demon sperm” in the past.)
“The truth will set us all free!” Madonna wrote on Instagram yesterday. “This woman is my hero … Thank you Stella Immanuel.”

Instagram quickly censored the post, blurring out the video and warning viewers that it contained coronavirus misinformation. Madonna later deleted it from her social media pages, but by then the damage was already done.

Even her most loyal fans now appear to be turning on her, and rightfully so. The video she shared was deplorable and filled with inaccurate information that has been disproven and could very easily result in people dying.
Gay Twitter is currently on a tear…

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