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    Death on the tram

    Several years ago in Hong Kong I'm sat on a tram out of Kennedy Town going towards Central with my wife, daughter, son and his girlfriend making a mixed group of nationalities, English, Thai, Indian, Malaysian. The local HKrs mostly old biddies had left us some space.
    Tram pulls up, a large (6ft+) old Chinese bloke alights then staggers down the aisle hefting two heavy bags of groceries. My daughter, then 3yrs old is sat on my knee chattering and pointing out the views of the peak and harbour. My son sat opposite me with his present wife. The empty seat next to them is where the huge, sweating bulk of the old boy with his bags of shopping is heading, I'm watching him, seems like something amiss here, he's taking an age to move down the tram.
    My daughter's chirping Dadda, Dadda as she's wants my attention again, I turn to face her as the old boy starts to keel over. His feet rooted, his legs straight, this massive lump is going down like a concrete chimney stack. Slowly it seems, my son shoulders him, he hits the deck, the bags split, fruit and vegetables scatter down the aisle, the old biddies start screaming, jumping up and tottering to the front exit, the tram stops and empties in a matter of seconds.
    There's six people left on the tram, my group and an old boy laying flat on the floor with spittle and the death rattle on his lips. What to do? Sheeit, I'm considering mouth to mouth but the letters SARS flash through my mind. I'm trying to keep his heart going, my wife has got the herbal balm out wafting it under his nose. He feels clammy, his breathing stops. He dies. I lay his head down gently, put his arms across his chest. My daughter is staring wide eyed at the apples, oranges and onions scattered down the aisle.
    I stand and notice a woman's purse in one of the split bags, sad to think his wife will not see him return with the shopping.

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    best to use the wheelie bag instead of humping then.
    especially in hot weather.

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    So, did you nick the purse?

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    Or his fruit

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