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    Tonights Entertainment

    Have you ever sat and had to listen to that thai shit music where they bang away at a sort of Glokenspiel with no rythmn or harmony, with crashing cymbals and the like - it is disturbing to anyone with musical taste.

    Luckily I have an old Yamaha keyboard that can copy these sort of "instruments" of talentless horrific music that assaults the ears!

    I wouldn't say my wife loves me for it, (She was watching / listening to some of this shit on the TV tonight) - but, if you select Glockenspiel on the Yamaha, and get your cock out and just randomly hit any note that your cock can hit, you get a pretty good representation - She did laugh, not sure if it was my cock or the music, but I reckong my cock played a pretty good Thai tune! I may ask the head guy at the village if I can do a Cock Concerto at the next beggars banquet! ( Might be an alternative to watching the dogs in hot pants with pubes hanging halfway down to their knees!)

    The Yamaha - It- has a record and overdub function so maybe later I will add some random cymbals and some off beat drums just to totally fuck up any chance of any harmony or anything that sounds nice to the ear. (It is this Licke shit....fuck me, cats being strangled sounds better than this shit)

    Apart from the "cock" symphony, I had quite a productive evening tonight, me and the boy have drilled out and fixed 3 bolts to my computer room door, to keep the wife and family out - they seem to have a habit of walking directly through the nearest opening rather than using the front door.

    Just need to hang the drapes across the windows and batten down the hatches.....probably can hide a few 18 year olds in here!
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