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    01-04-2012 @ 08:44 PM

    Something a Little Different.....urghhhh.

    Anyone into alternative movies....Check this out!

    You shouid be able to find it on your favourite torrent server.

    "Dear God No"

    There is not much of this sort of thing around!

    ZZ Top on acid?

    It is not a good movie, it is horrible!

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    Yesterday @ 10:03 PM

    Looks 'interesting'...
    How do I post these pictures???

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    I keep wondering how the HELL did Dear God No! (yes, that’s the crazy title) slip our radar considering we published an article on biker films not too long ago. After discovering this exploitation throwback of the ’70s on Couch Cutter, I instantaneously felt raped by the insanity and blood-gushing mayhem witnessed in the trailer… and I liked it! Dear God No! seems to have everything a genre film could ask for: buckets of blood, tits with Tommy Guns, biker gang carnage, and a fucking flesh-eating Sasquatch to top it all. Sounds like The Impalers biker gang are in for a nightmare, and so are we.

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