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    UK Holiday Visa for spouse

    I want to take the Thai Missus back to the UK for 3 weeks.

    What's the procedure for this ?

    Also, feel free to point out the pitfalls of Local Boozer Envy, potential ex wife(10 years age and 30 inch ass, gap) altercations and so forth

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    is this the visa section?


    go and get a tourist visa - the main thing you have to show is that she is not likely to stay illegally but will return within the visa period

    you may also need to show that you have enough money to support her, no recourse to state benefits
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    A return air ticket is an helpful item to show that your wife has all intentions to return to Thailand.

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    You need to make a little folder of stuff to present to the visa officer.

    -Copies of your's and hers passports, ID cards etc..
    -Completed visa application form, which you complete online and print out
    -Proof of real relationship (photos, marriage certificate, etc..)
    -Somewhere to stay in UK (hotel booking, letter from the persons house you are staying with)
    -Financial records showing enough money for trip (your bank account, her bank account)
    -Reasons for returning to Thailand (previous good travel history, house, land, cars, job, your job, return tickets etc..)

    Tie all of it together with a cover letter written by yourself as her sponsor explaining why you are going to the UK and cover all the evidence you have shown above. Should be 1-2 pages.

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