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    The Yearly Grovel and Beholding to Special People!

    Have I missed anything here?

    It is my yearly visa extension, please can anyone tell me what I have missed as these bastards always either lose a paper or sneak it away just to get another two baht at the copy office.

    Passport - 2 copies of every page with a stamp. and my photo,
    Marriage Cert. 2 Copies (Long version)
    Marriage Reg. 2 copies, (Short version)
    Tabien Bahn - two copies - every page
    Childs Birth Cert, two copies every page. (Yes last time they wanted a fucking photocopy of the back page)
    Wifes ID x 2
    My Departure Card x 2
    Bank statement with "Mid 6 figures" x 2
    Every page of my bank book x 2
    90 Day reporting shit x 2
    Photo of me and the wife and kid dancing around the house x 2
    Really shit map of our place x 2
    Photos of me x 2

    Have I missed anything? ( The past few years, they sit shuffling fucking paper like a fucking Las Vegas Poker Dealer, you already know you have everything, then the cunts spring it on you -"You're missing this" Go get it copied!!!!

    Not 10 seconds before the fuckers had it in their hands - Slight of hand, Blackjack dealers having nothing on these fuckers that need you to spend 5 baht at their FRIENDS photocopy shop!

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    Inner Wrongholia
    Wanna rent a pocket printer?

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    Man oh man do you like to bitch arfur, dont think I have seen a positive word from you.

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