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    Britain's Hidden Alcoholics - BBC Panorama

    Luckily this social/health problem is purely confined to UK

    Uploaded by QTSpecial2012 on Feb 20, 2012
    With nearly 9,000 people dying from alcohol-related diseases every year and medical experts describing it as a health crisis, Alastair Campbell, whose own drink-related problems have been well-documented, meets some of the increasing number of Britain's middle-class professionals for whom one glass of wine after work is never enough. The former Labour Party communications chief asks whether the nation needs to reassess its relationship with the

    BBC - Panorama - Panorama
    BBC News - Panorama - Alastair Campbell on drink: 'I paid a heavy price'

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    some say the more a country drinks
    the easier it is to govern.

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    Agree with that, the difference between criminals and politicians gets decidedly blurry after a few.

    Mind you, my MIL used to morph into something respectable after I'd had a few drinks, too.

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