We are well into a new millennium,being 2021,the past champs of MuayThai are aging now and even though a few are still fighting, I sometimes wonder if we will ever see fighters with the skill of Saenchai or the power of Baukaw, And then about a month ago i see this guy,but I doubt he has the composure to be as skillful as either of them. He is enjoyable to watch, because of all of those swings and misses. Maybe if or when he gets into a weight range that suites his style he will go down so fast or prove his power, who knows.

The guys name is Rodtang Jitmuangnon, He is a flyweight but pound for pound is very impressive.
He is fairly new to the "international" scene, like one championship.
Anyhow, he is exciting to watch, not the best, but has a lot of heart and a hard head.
The video from one championship below.