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    ^If he turns up at the Bronco's once Seibold finally gets the arse I'll cry. Green did ok at the Cowboys with Jonathon Thurston steering the ship for the 80 minutes of game-time each week, but the moment he hung his boots up it's all been downhill.

    Don't think I've ever seen an NRL coaching merry-go-round like this and there's more to get axed yet before this season ends, it'll be interesting to see who ends up where by the end of the year.

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    ^ Where is Jack Gibson when you need him?????????????

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    Good read in about 10 mins ... written by Luke Lewis


    The NRL’s top eight is set, but the Roosters, Penrith Panthers and Melbourne Storm are heavy favourites

    Rugby League 2020  - REBOOTED-12663378-16x9-large-jpg

    The NRL's top eight is locked in, which means we can already start to look forward to a finals series that's going to be packed with some really big games of football.

    Looking at the eight, there are probably three or maybe four teams that can really stake their claims for winning the competition, with another two an outside chance.

    Penrith, the Roosters and Melbourne are the three main teams in the box seat, with both the Panthers and the Roosters both possibly benefiting from not having to travel too much, which will have an impact, but not as much as getting a week off by winning their first semi-final.

    The NRL’s top eight is set, but the Roosters, Penrith Panthers and Melbourne Storm are heavy favourites - ABC News
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