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    Rickey Williams Fails Drug Test Again

    Rickey Williams fails drug test again

    Former NFL rushing champion Ricky Williams tested positive again for marijuana last month, delaying his return to the league until at least September, a person familiar with the case said Friday.

    Williams sought to end a one-year drug suspension last month when he asked to rejoin the Miami Dolphins. But following the positive drug test, clinicians in the program advised NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to delay reinstatement, the person close to the case said.

    A Deplorable Bitter Clinger

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    Ricky likes "the smoke."

    He's not getting any younger, at 30, but I assume (hope) he's saved his money.

    With age and positive drug tests, his value is likely going down.

    If a team fills a roster spot with him, they are taking a risk he might not be able to play and help the team due to suspension.

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    Classic photo. pissed myself

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